Textivocal Privacy Policy 

Privacy Policy

Use Of Camera

The app uses camera only to click pictures of the documents that you want to scan. The images you click through our app gets temporarily loaded in the RAM and is not saved into the gallery. The images doesn’t get saved into our servers or doesn’t get unauthorised access to any third parties. Your data only stays with you, not even with us!

Access Of Storage

READ_EXTERNAL_STROAGE is used by the app only to read files like pdf, TXT and Images from your device. You choose the file you want the app to extract data from and the app reads it for you. Your data doesn’t get transfered to or any third parties. Your data only stays with you

WRITE_ONLY_MEMORY is used by the app only to save audio files into your device. No other malicious documents are saved.

Use of Foreground Services

The app runs in your background to speak sentences outside from your app. When you choose a word to speak outside of your app, a notifiaction bar pops up indicating foreground services are running to run Text To Speech in the background. The app doesnot contain any virus to run in the background!

Internet Connectivity

The app requires stable internet to run the built in browser. The built in browser helps the app to extract and read the text from the web pages. The internet connection is not used for any unauthorised or data transfers to third parties!

Data Protection

In order to implement the agreement between you and us, and provide you with access to the use of the Services, we will improve, develop and implement new features to our Services, and enhance the available Services functionality. In order to achieve these objectives, we need your data to process or to send to our partners for functionality. 

  • Information collected: Chat conversations with out ChatGPT bot

We collect all those chat conversation to ensure that not any illegal activities are going on through out app. We further more use and pass this data to Open AI servers to generate ChatGPT response. 

  • Information collected: Photos that capture or import to extract text

We pass these photos to our Google Firebase to process the image and generate the text.

  • Information collected: Device ID

We use this data to track device to ensure how each user is using our app. Moreover the ID is used by our ADS partners to track real users.  

The PDF and TXT file data that you process in our app are not send to us. Your data stays with you. All the data we collect can be deleted if user requests.