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Textivocal: AI

Textivocal is a Text To Speech app that turns words into voice. It is an advance type of text reader which allows you to scan text from images and speaks it for you!

Textivocal app has more than 30+ languages which allows you to read almost any type of language. The screen reader app has built in OCR for you to extract text from images by scanning, which the app later from text to speech. PDF Reader, Txt File Reader, built in Browser, Audio Library and Media Player are available for your comfort. Moreover, you can save into audio file and share with anyone, anywhere, anytime!

Convert PDF, TXT files into audio and listen anytime, anywhere!

Read emails, office documents, and web pages from outside the app using our new Textivocal Background service or built in browser. No longer need to read with your eyes, this textbook reader will do it for you.

Walking, Exercising, or on a cooking you can listen the audios all the time!

No matter what, an enhance in quality always gives better experience. Use built in Media Player to enjoy a better quality audio.

For OCR, choose image from the gallery or capture image, the app will extract text from image and will narrate it for you. You can adjust the pitch and save into audio file for later.

For PDF Reading and TXT File Extraction, choose the file from your device’s storage, the app will extract text from the document and will turn the words into voice. Adjust the pitch and you can save the audio into locally in .mp3 format.

Built in Web browsers, allows you to read texts from web pages. Navigate to any website or any html pages, the app will do rest of the work. If you like the website, you can save the audio locally and share that with your peers!

Built in Audio Library, helps you to keep all the saved audios organizedly. You can share, delete, or rename audio files from there.
Built in Media Player, allows you to read the saved audio files. It is optimized for Textivocal audios to them play perfectly and enhances the experience!

This narrator voice app can also read text from sources outside the app due to the access of Background Services. Select any text from outside the app, an option name “Textivocal” will appear in the Text Selection option. Clicking on it, will allow the app to start reading text from any source outside the app.

ChatGPT 3.5V

New Voice ChatGPT 3.5V has been integrated in the app for users to interact with AI. This AI  writes codes and solves complex questions just like CHATGPT web version

Built IN Web Browser

This allows reader to read any text from any web page, emails and any sites. With this browser any task can performed just like other browsers.

Built In Audio Library

All your saved audios in one place!


Extract text from images and the app will read it for you!

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