B2 Balls Terms And Conditions

Terms Of Use

1. Terms Of Usage Of B2 Balls

By downloading or using the game, all these terms will automatically get applied to you. So, you are suggested to go through the terms at least 3 times before using it.

2. Forbidden to do

1.1 You are not allowed to reverse engineer the app and create modified, commercial or any other type of versions.

1.2 You are not allowed to sell, rent or license this application

3. Intellectual Property Rights

All trademarks, tradenames, logos, images, services, and api belongs to the owner or its licensors and are protected by laws, copyrights and trademarks. Your are allowed to create content under the creative common license.

Policy Changes

We will update our terms day by day and you are recommended to go through the terms and conditions daily.
We will notify you with an app update incase of any policy change.