We build bond through our apps
and games

From your imagination to reality

How our journey started?

We started working on game development projects from year 2023. Slowly our ambitions are growing and we decided to serve our services globally as a team

Our developers have years of app, games and website development experience. We individuals have started our career 5-6 years ago and have worked for individuals and companies. 

From 2022, we had a vision to open our own startup and serve the global community as team. 4 months before the end of 2023, we created our dream company Alesphym through which our first vision got accomplished. We then prepared our revenue model and started partnering with our clients.

One of our biggest achievement was delivering 16 huge projects to our clients in 2023, just in 4 months after the startup. Our company is continuously expanding and we have even started working on our own products.